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Thread: ACCEPTING ENTRIES: Monochrome Mini Competition #1209

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    ACCEPTING ENTRIES: Monochrome Mini Competition #1209

    This is a monochrome-themed competition that is open to all CiC members.

    ENTERING. Add your MONOCHROME/B&W image in a new post below. Make sure to change your post title to a name for your picture (click the "Go Advanced" button). Only one entry per person, and any tinted images should utilize no more than one color. For help posting images, go here.

    VOTING. When this competition reaches 10 entries, a poll will be automatically added and any member may then vote. After 2 days, voting ends and the winner is determined.

    Once voting begins, a new competition will be automatically started.

    Good luck!

    Notes: Please do not request feedback or comment on other images until after voting has closed, as it could be unfair to other entrants. Photos must be your own, and never entered into one of our prior competitions. We also ask that only recently taken or edited photos be used as entries (in the spirit of motivating everyone to continually improve).

    PS: Make sure to also vote on the previous competition here.

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    Re: ACCEPTING ENTRIES: Monochrome Mini Competition #1209


    ACCEPTING ENTRIES: Monochrome Mini Competition #1209

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    ACCEPTING ENTRIES: Monochrome Mini Competition #1209

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