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Thread: Best Nikon Lenses 2017

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    Best Nikon Lenses 2017

    This list was described by a few commenters as rubbish, I don't see the list as a "to do" more as a comparison of what I already own. For instance, I already own two on the list and for some of the others I either already chose an equivalent and/or wouldn't think of purchasing the "P" series as I don't fit the profile of the end user these lenses are geared towards.

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    Re: Best Nikon Lenses 2017

    The problem with these "best of" analyses is that they never bother defining the most important question; what they mean by best.

    Is "best" defined as most versatile, most expensive, most affordable, sharpest, etc? Without understanding what the author means by "best", the article is useless and the people panning the writer are 100% correct.

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