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Thread: Photoshop CC Cheat Sheet

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    Photoshop CC Cheat Sheet & Keyboard Stickers

    I use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible (actually whenever I can remember them) in working with Photoshop.

    Keyboard Shortcuts are given in the Photoshop Menus and if you assign keyboard shortcuts to your own parameters, they will be included in the Photoshop Menu...

    You can also find keyboard shortcuts in the Photoshop EDIT menu or use a keyboard shortcut to get the keyboard shortcut listing...
    CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + K
    However, I do not really like a four key shortcut like the above...

    Here is a "Cheat Sheet" for Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 (with both Windows and Apple keystrokes). With my CC subscription, I am now running CC 2017 but, it appears that the keystrokes are pretty well the same...

    BTW: the more I use a keystroke combination, the easier it is to remember it. It may be a TAD slower at first, when you are reverting to the print-out in order to remember the keystrokes but, speed will pick up.

    I have even assigned keystrokes to some of the NIK Software. CTRL + ALT + D will give me Define 2 and CTRL + ALT + V will open Viveza. This speeds up my work flow since I would have needed to open FILTER from the Photoshop Menu and then select either Define 2 or Viveza. This way Define 2 and Viveza open quite quickly

    I was going to make a sheet like this but, this one works...

    NOTE: My desktop keyboard is getting long in the tooth and many of the letters are no longer visible. So I decided to order a set of Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Key Stickers.

    I will shoot a picture of the keyboard when the stickers arrive and will let you know if this is a handy addition or not!

    I "semi touch type" and look at the keyboard every once in a while.
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