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Thread: Two versions of Lightroom CC 2018?

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    Two versions of Lightroom CC 2018?

    My Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 loaded this morning and I was a bit surprised to find that there are now two versions of Lightroom available.

    Lightroom CC appears to be a cloud only version that eliminates pretty well everything other than a bit of an organizer plus what was the Development Module. Gone are the DAM (Library). Map, Print and Web functionality.

    The previous version of Lightroom CC has been renamed Lightroom Classic CC.

    I'm not sure of the intended target audience of Lightroom CC; with 1 GB of storage on Creative Cloud and having to upload the image files (at around 40 MP a shot for the D810), that's a lot of bandwidth for no real value other than access to the files by other pieces of Adobe software where there is connectivity.

    I easily shoot several TB of images a year. I've heard similar questions from a few other photographers.

    I wonder if the "Classic" version is heading for retirement in the not too distant future.
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    Re: Two versions of Lightroom CC 2018?

    Victoria Bampton ("The Lightroom Queen") blogged about the new releases yesterday. You can find a list of the features of the two versions of lightroom at the bottom of this page: My take on this is that they intend to bolster the feature set of the cloud version gradually.

    My understanding is that the software actually works on a local copy, but uploaded copy makes it possible to access from elsewhere.

    The 1 TB limit (you can buy more space) is only one issue I see with this. The other is that if you don't have a very fast internet connection, it could take hours to sync with the cloud copies. I have some individual TIFF files that are 500 MB, and I have lots that are 300. A set of 100 raw files from my camera is about 2.5 GB. My main editing computer is located where my wireless signal is weak, so the speed isn't great. and I spend parts of my summers in a location where I have low-quality DSL that has extremely slow uploads.

    Needless to say, I am not switching at this point.

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