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Thread: Just a new member

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    Just a new member

    Greeting all:
    New guy here, been shooting photos for some time now, Like about 45years. i use both an Olympus e-300 and a Nikon D5000 when I shot "Important stuff". I still shoot film, for that I shoot with either a Pentax, Cannon AE-1 or Mamyia C330. I do mostly black and white in those cameras so I can process it at home. Although I recently found a site that has a c-41 kit for color processing that I would like to try.

    Until recently I did my post processing with Photoshop, but after I upgraded my OS to windows10 I found I couldn't load my Photoshop anymore. I'm now looking at Paintshop pro and Aftershot as my post software. Much less expensiv and according to some reviews, PSP has as much or more functionality as PS. We shall see, I guess if I not satisfied, I can always subscribe to PS.

    I also dabble in video, mostly I shot special performances of our church choir. I keep thinking I want to do some video tutorials, I just haven't found the right subject yet. I'll keep looking.

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    Re: Just a new member

    Hi Rick,

    Welcome to the CiC forums from me.

    Good intro post.

    We have a few members that still shoot film, so you're not alone.

    Cheers, Dave

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    Re: Just a new member

    Welcome to CiC... your Canon AE-1 and Mamiya C-330 cameras are great! I used a pair of Canon SLR cameras for 35mm shooting (A-1 and AE-1P) as well as a Mamiya 330 for medium format work. I am now one hundred and ten percent digital using both crop and full-frame Canon DSLR cameras...

    There are such wonderful film cameras available at a pittance these days. Some of these cameras, I have longed for my whole life...

    Look at this Bronica at just a bit over $250 USD...


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