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Thread: Just for my curiosity

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    re: Just for my curiosity

    One wall is a copy of my dads Pulitzer prize photo, another is an aerial shot of the Equestrian Center we had in West Virginia, another is a shot of our Belgian Sheepdog winning Best In Show at a show in Florida and the last one is a frame with about 20 photos from Karen and my childhood.
    Like others we have slide shows on our laptops that run almost all the time.

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    re: Just for my curiosity

    It's like this...I've got nine kids, I could not answer the question "which is my favorite".
    To print my favorite images on metal, which, IMHO, they deserve, would take many thousands of dollars.

    Economically, it makes more sense to hang a large monitor and cycle thru them at will.

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    Re: Just for my curiosity

    We don't do 'style' in the decorative sense, so the walls in the living/dining room are covered in a right old mixture:

    A couple of 10 x 8 inch aerial shots of a home we lived in well over 2 decades ago (moved 3 times since)
    An original 10 x 8 inch acrylic (I think) painted by my sister from a photo of one of my kids playing with a Pomeranian (small dog) in the garden of the same house featured in the aerial shots
    A triple photo frame of the kids when they were little, probably shot by me on film, but no guarantees
    A six photo frame of horses, pets and the wife and I, a present from one of the children
    The odd random decorative plate and other things of similar ilk
    A couple of largish purchased artwork prints my wife likes (subjects; horses and puppy/kitten) - plus many more such throughout the rest of the house

    Hanging in my Study; not much; I've just never got round to banging picture hooks in since I moved to a bigger room.

    There is one ancient print of a Vickers Viscount in front of one of Heathrow's original terminal buildings, it must be a fifties scene.
    My dad used to work at the airport, so I guess that's how it came to us, now it reminds me of childhood interests, exciting trips there to see new planes (Jumbo, Concorde) - and dad, of course.

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