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Thread: 170K X 300K pixel Image

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    170K X 300K pixel Image


    I'm a new user of this forum, and I am not a computer expert either.

    I would like to create a large image as a photomosaic of 14.159 pictures.

    I calculated that, not to lose definition,
    the final output file should be around: 170.000 pixels X 300.000 pixels

    It will be a kind of Panoramic Photo, but it will be the mosaic of all the 14.159 single photographs.

    My question is:
    Which are the hardware requirements (Processor/RAM/Graphic Card) to manage such large scale image?

    Thank you in advance for your answers,
    Best Regards,

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    Re: 170K X 300K pixel Image


    Are you really going to print an 80 foot long print?

    to print a high quality print 300 dpi is normally considered sufficient for normal viewing. Not to be confused with the printer dpi which is how smooth colours are formed with inkjets - hence say a printer using a setting of say 2400 dpi.

    to print a 10 foot print one would need

    300 dpi X 12 inches X 10ft = 36000 pixels

    this is so when printed it can be viewed from say 18 inches.

    your 300,000 pixels are for a 1000 X 600 inch print! 84ft X 50 ft - to be viewed from 18inches. And to produce such a print would require sheets to be pasted together as they would be imposssible to print as a single photo.

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    Re: 170K X 300K pixel Image

    Hi there,

    Thanks for answering.

    No, it's not for printing.

    The Big Mosaic Image will be uploaded in a software called Maptiler.

    And the output will be an Image with Google Map effect.

    See here the example:
    The image used for the example is 30.000 pixel.

    The image i want to create is 170.000 X 300.000 pixels

    Which hardware will I need to handle such image?

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    Re: 170K X 300K pixel Image

    A member of the Sigma forum on DPReview mentions this a lot:

    He puts images here:

    Recently he mentioned his stuff:

    "a Macbook Air with 4 gigs of RAM. 128 gig SS drive."

    If that's of any help . . .

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    Re: 170K X 300K pixel Image

    Sounds cool. It doesn't seem that big requirement I expected...

    Thanks for sharing!

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