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Thread: Can I use two monitors...

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    Can I use two monitors...

    I am presently using a Samsung Sync Master P2770HD as my monitor.

    I have just purchased a BenQ SW2700PT 27" Widescreen LED Backlit QHD Monitor for my new computer.

    My wife asked me a question than began me thinking (that in itself is unusual)

    Can I use both monitors in a dual monitor setup?

    These are my new computer parameters:

    • Intel® Core i7-6700K Processor 4.0GHz
    • 32GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM
    • 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Graphics
    • Dell Wireless-AC 1560 + Bluetooth® 4.0
    • Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 Connector)

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    Can I use two monitors...

    Richard providing that the GTX960 graphics card has multiple connections ( connections/Interfaces such as : DVI-I (dual link), DVI-D HDMI or DisplayPort to suit the two monitors) then you will be able to run dual monitors on your new system.
    There are advantages to doing so especially for photo editing.
    One potential issue is to be able to calibrate both monitors such that they have similar/same look in terms of luminance, colour etc. You just need the appropriate tools and software plus time to do the initial calibration and subsequent recalibration's as and when necessary.
    There are numerous commercial products available for calibration e.g. i-0ne, Datacolour, I'm sure there's others as well


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    Re: Can I use two monitors...

    The nVidia graphics card will not let you get the best out of your new screen. Outside of the Quadro workstation cards, nVidia cards handle 8-bit video output only. All of the AMD cards can handle the 10-bit output that your new screen can handle, so you'll get better gradations that you want with the AdobeRGB screen you just bought.

    I have been using a dual screen setup for years, with the AdobeRGB compatible screen for my actual edits and the lower end sRGB screen to hold the menus and other related stuff. Both of my displays are calibrated and profiled.

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    Re: Can I use two monitors...

    Richard this should be no problem.

    I currently connect 3 monitors to my system. I Have an Nvidia GTX 760 video card with 4 ports, specifically 2 x DVI , HDMI and Display port. Your card is somewhat 'better' than mine

    Bringing up the NVidia Control panel shows the following....

    Can I use two monitors...

    Essentially you connect the two displays and then bring up the Control panel and check both displays are visible. Then set up multiple displays

    Since you have the BenQ monitor I would recommend you connect it via the Display Port for optimum performance.

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