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Thread: New Member - Cris

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    New Member - Cris

    Clarification on my name confusion. My Father Wanted me Christian and my Mother, Christopher and my Grandmother, Cris...which was a decent compromise between the three so I was always known as Cris but for legal reasons I still use Chris as that's the name on my birth certificate.

    I'm still just an old toot motoring about the grand old USA in my Holiday Inn on wheels. I try not to be anywhere its too hot or too I beat some rather odd paths hither, thither and yon. Right now I am on the east coast because as usual, the west coast is trying to burn itself up.

    I mostly shoot wildlife but I will shoot whatever presents itself as a good shot. I have fun and hope you do as well.

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    Re: New Member - Cris

    Thanks for the intro and welcome to CiC. I am sorry about the naming thing as we are used to calling each other by name or whatever one wants to call each other, well, except for "Hey!" which I think belongs to the calling a horse. We are quite friendly around here but I have that stupid thing in my head that if one doesn't want to let us know what s/he wants to be referred to as, I don't respond to his/her post. But that is just me. I am not answerable to others' reasons.

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    Re: New Member - Cris

    Thanks for the introduction. I've been enjoying your posts and hope you'll stick with us for a while. It's a friendly group. Some have consistently been here a long while. Others of us come in and out but have been around a long time. I've learned more from this group than any other I've ever visited and I was lucky to find it in my early days. Motoring about as you do sounds like great fun to me and you certainly get a variety of subject matter that way! Welcome to the group.

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