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Thread: shooting sports teams

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    shooting sports teams

    Hello everyone
    a question for all I take photos for my local hockey league also for baseball
    I was shown a new way of taking team photos the other day by a local pro and I thought I would share .Now this way was new to me mabye other people use it maybe not .
    In the arena doing a team photo using my 80-200 2.8 lens set camera to 3200ISO shutter to 640 Fstop to 2.8 n
    getting aprox 40 ft away could have been a llittle less .set camera to centre focuse point take photo
    no flash req this is suitable to enlarge to 8x10 no problem all faces in focus and very clear .JUst thought I would share this as this in future will save me a ton in not having to buy so manny batterys for my flash

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    Re: shooting sports teams

    Mark - It's always good if you can tap into the experiences of someone else who has already found the answer to a problem you've been having. Well done. And thanks for the information.

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