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Learn the core concepts in photography with highly visual tutorials that are clear yet comprehensive.

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Beautifully laid out with imagery and diagrams on nearly every page

Any and all skill levels can benefit, especially if you have a desire to understand your hobby or profession at a deeper level.

Camera Concepts

Learn the key concepts and terminology in photography. Topics include the exposure triangle, metering, and depth of field.


Learn to control how light from a scene gets translated into an image. Discusses techniques for making the most of each lens type.

Lighting & Composition

Turn great scenes into great photographs. Make the most of natural light, control portrait lighting, and master the rule of thirds.

Digital Characteristics

Familiarize yourself with the unique characteristics of digital imagery. Topics include bit depth, Bayer sensors, and histograms.

Equipment & Accessories

Learn to make the most of what's in your camera bag. Topics include compact vs. DSLR cameras, tripods, and external flash.

Other Tips & Techniques

Reduce camera shake, use shutter speed creatively, utilize lens filters, master autofocus, keep your sensor spot free, and much more . . .


10+ Years in Development

The book is based on the highly utilized Cambridge in Colour tutorials, which have evolved in response to feedback from photographers at all experience levels spanning over a decade. Content has therefore been carefully scrutinized by millions of readers for both accuracy and clarity. Taking this one step further, our book adds all-new high resolution diagrams and photographs, and has been completely reorganized and carefully edited for print.

This first volume introduces the core concepts and techniques that are necessary prior to and during digital image capture. The second volume explores all the key considerations after capture, including post-processing and maximizing digital image quality. The third volume explores advanced techniques and camera technology. Currently volumes two and three are online at

Full Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

  • Camera Concepts

  • Digital Characteristics

  • Camera Lenses

  • Equipment & Accessories

  • Lens Filters

  • Lighting & Composition

  • Tips & Techniques


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About the Author

Digital imaging has been both a personal and professional passion of mine since the advent of digital cameras. As a scientist by training, I have been fascinated by the interaction between technological developments and the range of creative options available to photographers. Much of this fascination initially went into photographing the low-light scenes within Cambridge University during the course of my PhD, but has since grown to include explaining and similarly drawing others into the world of photography and digital imaging.


Sean T. McHugh

Author & Enthusiast