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Thread: Photo Collage in PSE10

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    Photo Collage in PSE10

    This is the first time I have used the Photo Collage capability of Photoshop Elements and it works great.
    We have a booth for American Maltese Rescue at the Grand Woofstock in Escondido, CA.
    ( ) We will be bringing a half dozen or more of our adult Maltese rescues there with the hope that some prospective "furever" families will take an interest in them.

    However, we have five adorable puppies who, at six and a half weeks old, are too young to bring to an event like this. I wanted to post some pictures of these puppies to generate interest prior to their being ready for adoption. I racked my brain pondering how to do his and remembered the Photo Collage capability of Photoshop Elements 10.

    Photo Collage in PSE10

    The collage tool (found in the drop down menu under "CREATE") is very easy to work with. After I selected the images I wanted to use, PSE10, did all the work for me. We will have the 8.5x11 inch collage print in an acryllic sign holder on our table in our booth. I think that this is a neat way to display any grouping of images. There are three default collage sizes available (8.5 x 11" is the smallest) and you are not restricted to five images in the collage. You have the capability of adding a text banner or you can have the entire collage filled with images.

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    Re: Photo Collage in PSE10

    Certainly a useful PSE function and makes it easy to compare the subjects in the way you have used it.

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