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Thread: More Clarissa

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    More Clarissa

    Saturday had another go at portraits. I don't know if I'm learning much.
    One thing I have noticed that there is no catch lights in her eyes, if I had waited another 1/2 hour the sun would have been in front of her.
    What causes the motteling on her skin in the first one, which was taken after 2 and 3?
    #1 Canon 550d 100mm f5.0 1/250 ISO 400
    # 2 & 3 Nikon D80 105mm f5.6 1/160 ISO 400
    C&C needed, I'm going to learn portraiture even if it is going to send us all round the bend.

    More Clarissa

    More Clarissa

    More Clarissa

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    Re: More Clarissa

    I lke #2 and #3 the best beause Clarissa's expression seems more natural in the last two images...

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