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Thread: Clarissa's Brother

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    Clarissa's Brother

    I want to thank all of you that replied to my previous post 'clarissa again'. A lot was learned mmm....
    The work lights are gone (I think they also added to the red in her skin), they were are a pain to setup and use.
    I had Alex home from school yesterday, a mighty ill child who had trouble getting out of bed (it is amazing how someone miraculously gets well at 9.00am when school starts). The image tells the story, poor sick kid.
    Canon 550D 50mm @f4.5 1/250 ISO 400.
    Natural lighting and a reflector.
    C&C required

    Clarissa's Brother

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    Re: Clarissa's Brother

    Nice shot. I like it. Has a lot of character!

    Only thing I can think of is the uneven brightness of the shirt that could be fixed in post. I would darken the left side without affecting the skin of the face or the hair.

    Otherwise, it looks sharp and well-exposed!


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