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Thread: Suggession for l bracket

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    Suggession for l bracket

    Please recommend an L bracket to mount my Canon 7D mark II on the tripod with Vanguard SBH 100 ballhead.

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    Re: Suggession for l bracket

    I suspect that availability for this attachment is not great in India, as I was asked by an Indian friend to bring one over for him.

    Two good makes are Kirk and Really Right Stuff. I use a Kirk and Jassi had me get him a RRS one. Both were ordered from B&W in New York City. As long as your ball head uses a standard Arca-Swiss plate (I'm fairly certain it does), then you should be fine with either of the two suggestions I made.

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    Re: Suggession for l bracket

    I have used "L" brackets from both Kirk and Really Right Stuff (RRS) for my 40D and 7D. When I purchased my 5D Mark II (used) I decided to try an eBay L bracket manufactured in China. This bracket worked as well as either the Kirk or the RRS models. It fits as well and it secures the camera in either the horizontal or vertical position every bit as well. The necessary doors and ports are also available.

    The bracket cost me less than ten U.S. dollars while the Kirk and RRS models were close to one hundred fifty dollars. I don't know which model L bracket I purchased but I suspect that they are all made in one Chinese factory.

    Just search eBay with the parameters: L Bracket for Canon 7D ii

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