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Thread: YouTube Videos - Adobe Bridge / Camera RAW

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    YouTube Videos - Adobe Bridge / Camera RAW

    As with all YouTube videos, some are excellent, some are mediocre and some are just plain wrong. As with printed material, just because it is published doesn't mean that it is correct. The YouTube videos done by Adobe as well as some other producers are excellent while the videos done by some yokel who thinks that he knows the programs are just plain terrible.

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    Re: YouTube Videos - Adobe Bridge / Camera RAW

    I detest the YouTube videos where the host/commentator tries to create an onscreen personality. I don't mind a few jokes but I don't want to have to sit through your morning meal.

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    Re: YouTube Videos - Adobe Bridge / Camera RAW

    If it is found on the internet, then it should be treated with a large grain of salt. Yes, the material that the big software publishers play a part in (Adobe, Microsoft, Corel, etc.) tend to be "reliable". Third party stuff, not so much. There are some well known third party sites (video, websites and blogs) that put out a lot of garbage; a flashy production and a recognizable name is no guarantee of quality (unfortunately). Tony Northrup is near the top of my list as someone whose videos I would not recommend as I have caught a number of serious errors in some of the ones I've watched.

    Some pay sites are often quite good too. Kelby One is excellent and there is a lot of good material on (although I find the quality control there is not quite as good as Kelby One). Fstoppers are expensive and very good, but I don't always agree with the workflow and work methods used by its authors; they tend to target the advanced user.

    The free material that B&H and Adorama put out is usually very good and they have some excellent photographers doing their sessions.

    When it comes to good old fashioned books (the paper kind and their eBook brethren) tend to be high quality as well as the publisher cannot take a chance and put out substandard material, or they will quickly go out of business.

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