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Thread: Photoshop: SAVE AS options

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    Photoshop: SAVE AS options

    I only use four or five formats to save my images... JPEG and PSD regularly and PNG, PSB and TIFF very occasionally.

    It would be easier and quicker if I could remove the many other formats from the drop down menu to make selection quicker and easier.

    However, if there is a keyboard shortcut for "SAVE AS JPEG" or for: "SAVE AS PSD" - that would be just great...

    I guess that I could format an action with keystrokes assigned but, if there is already a keystroke shortcut, that would be "reinventing the wheel"
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    re: Photoshop: SAVE AS options

    The "File Save" defaults to the .psd format as soon as you edit a raw file.

    For jpeg try the "Export As" command <Alt> <Ctrl> <Shft> W, as that converts to a jpeg and saves.

    The only issue is that I tend to rename my files so have limited use for the shortcuts.

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    re: Photoshop: SAVE AS options

    Richard, found this. Haven't studied it in detail but it seems to have the potential for at least a partial solution to your Q. I am assuming that by setting up multiple shortcut keys, you can set up a choice of target formats. Have a read and see if it helps.

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    Re: Photoshop: SAVE AS options

    Richard, what I do is Ctrl/Shift/S for both. When shown a window, the default is already a PSD file so you can change the name in it first. Then press Enter.

    The same is true for a JPG file. Ctrl/Shift/S. This time around it will default to the name you save as in PSD so you press the Tab button then press J to save your file in JPG. Before pressing enter, make sure you uncheck the Profile button.

    I usually have a folder each for each SAVE AS. One for PSD and another for JPG.

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