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Thread: Blackhat says Oye!!!

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    Blackhat says Oye!!!

    Enthusiast here with a plan to improve the pictures. I have been shooting since the days of film but never seriously thought of investing money in quality equipments. Last year I bought 70D and have been improving quality of work since then. I dont think I am there yet and need more refinements hence this forum. You guys produce wonderful work.

    I own a canon 70D with kit lens 11-135mm from canon and recently purchased Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 with a B+W 10 stop filter and a vanguard tripod to get more sharpness in my shots.

    My interests are in landscape with time lapse and long exposures.

    If you are in Pennsylvania area, come down to Erie and say Hi.
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    Re: Blackhat says Oye!!!

    Hello and welcome to the forum. There are many people on here that do indeed produce great pictures. But that doesn't come about by accident. It's the result of lots and lots of learning and practice.

    The one thing you get on here is support. People will always be willing to offer advice and guidance to help yopu become as good a photographer as you want to be. So, it's great to have you along.

    So that you don't continue to get people asking you what your proper name is, because most us use that on here, you can go to Edit Profile (under 'Forum Actions' on the Menu Bar), or you can just press on 'Settings' on the menu bar right up at the top right of the window. Once there you can enter the name by which you wish to be addressed under 'Real Name'. Then it will appear underneath your Username in all your posts. You can also enter your location so that it does the same, just as in my details alongside this message. Then we all know where everyone is in the world.

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    Re: Blackhat says Oye!!!

    Welcome to CiC...hope we see some more posts from you.

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