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Thread: Hello from NE Ontario, Canada

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    Hello from NE Ontario, Canada

    Well....I have been away from photography for a while, rather I haven't been posting anything anywhere other than on Face Book for friends. I am now getting to the point of re-starting my photography website in a couple months, so I thought I would join up here to get pointers to learn the proper work-flow of post processing and running a home based business. This looks like one of the best sites I have scouted out. I'm looking forward to meeting many of the members, and receiving and offering suggestions as much as possible. My main interests are wildlife, landscapes and astro photography.

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    Re: Hello from NE Ontario, Canada

    Welcome aboard Norm.

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    Re: Hello from NE Ontario, Canada

    We have some photographers that shares your interests here, so welcome to CiC. Be friendly and you won't get lost here -- and if you don't mind going to the very top of this page and filling up some info for us like what you want us to call you in the Real Name area, it will be nice. Also please tell us where you are from by writing it there to, just like how I did mind and John's above from my reply here. Smile. It helps.

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    Re: Hello from NE Ontario, Canada

    Hi Norm,

    I am now getting to the point of re-starting my photography website in a couple months ~ (and) running a home based business
    Can I be nosey and ask whether that's a home based photography business (shooting/PP) or say, selling crafts for which you need to do 'product photography'?

    As Izzie suggests, it's always nice to know where people hail from (without referring back to this thread) - and further allows us to point you at geographically relevant resources in your area/country.

    Anyway; welcome to the CiC forums from me too.

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