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Thread: Changing Platform from CS5 Windows Version to Apple Version

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    Changing Platform from CS5 Windows Version to Apple Version

    Could anyone help?

    I purchased from new CS5 for Windows last year from Amazon to use on my laptop but I am thinking of buying a new iMac desktop computer, I have been told that I wil not be able use my Windows CS5 version on a Mac computer. I have checked this out on Adobe's website and it appears that I can only change platforms if I had the latest version which you will probabaly know is CS6 (and from now on Adobe Creative Cloud which is only available on a subscription basis). Just to make sure, I would be ever so grateful if this is true as I am in a bit of a quandry as I would really like to try Mac computers as I am always being told that they are much better for image editing than Windows computers.
    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
    Kind regards

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    Re: Changing Platform from CS5 Windows Version to Apple Version


    Provided your Windows/Apple Mac computer is up to date and utilising CS 6 there will generally be not much different in performance, or certainly as far as most could see. (I don't get the stopwatch out to time file opening times).

    Don't believe all the rubbish or fanzine stuff, whilst Macs may appear more expensive, once you reach similar specs, the difference is less obvious.

    Macs are better from the point of view of being integrated and just work, and suffer less from viruses, but Windows machines have their advantages too and you will get used to the nuances of each type. I have both, and nowadays generally prefer the Mac but some applications still work better on Windows, although those are generally not photo applications.

    Go and try a Mac in an Apple store, the screens are better than standard Windows monitors unless you really upgrade.

    Its all a bit like the Nikon v Canon debate

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    Re: Changing Platform from CS5 Windows Version to Apple Version


    I agree with Ian in that both platforms can have the same performance and for not that different in cost. I converted over to Macs some years ago and have to agree that they just seem to work without virtually any of the annoyances that are associated with Windows. I do run Windows on my MacBook Air in order to use Control My Nikon on a separate partition which would be an option for you. All in all, my frustration with computers has been greatly reduced since I made the switch.


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