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Thread: Converting from sRGB to Adobe RGB and then back again

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    Converting from sRGB to Adobe RGB and then back again

    After reading the info on Adobe RGB 1998 vs sRGB on this website, I have a question which I hope someone may be able to answer.

    I normally shoot RGB 1998 and convert the RAW files to 16 bit TIFF with the conversion software setting at RGB 1998 I recently converted some RAW pictures. They were shot in Adobe RGB 1998 but when I converted them to 16 bit TIFF the settings were at sRGB. I changed the picture/file back to RGB 1998 in Photoshop. Does this work, do I get the same result as if they were converted with the setting to RGB 1998 initally?

    Hope someone can answer this question.

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    Converting to sRGB from AdobeRGB1998 and then back again does not restore the full color range of the original photo--if the original photo did indeed use some of the colors outside the color space of sRGB.

    Just make sure that during RAW-->TIFF conversion you specify the AdobeRGB1998 color space (on the bottom left if using Adobe Raw Converter), and do not temporarily save it in sRGB if you think you'll need the larger gamut of Adobe RGB later.

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