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Thread: Auto Transfer from Canon DPP to Adobe Elements?

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    Auto Transfer from Canon DPP to Adobe Elements?


    I am using Canon DPP for my RAW file processing. One of the options in the 'tools' menu is 'Transfer to Photoshop' but it is greyed out. I am using Adobe Elements 7.

    Is there any way of using DPP with Elements 7. Cant afford Photoshop but could run to a later version of Elements.


    ps. I use DPP as the RAW processing options in Elements is quite basic as against PS.

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    Re: Auto Transfer from Canon DPP to Adobe Elements?

    Hi John,

    Not sure to be honest, but one option to try is converting your files to Adobe's DNG RAW format and see if PSE 7 can open them. Adobe have a free converter on their website.

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    Re: Auto Transfer from Canon DPP to Adobe Elements?

    John I have the same situation except that I have Elements 9 on my pc. Transfer to Photoshop is also greyed out in DPP. My guess is that DPP goes looking for the full version of Photoshop on your pc and if it can't find it then the transfer function is not enabled. CS users may be able to verify this.

    I don't really find this a problem as I just save the DPP output at the highest possible jpeg quality setting and then open it in Elements.

    Cheers Dave

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    Re: Auto Transfer from Canon DPP to Adobe Elements?

    Not sure about whether it works with Elements versions, John, but unconverted Raw files, which are shown as thumbnail images in DPP, have the transfer option greyed out.

    However, when I try the same thing with a file which has been converted (from Raw to Tiff) the option is available.

    So are you looking at before conversion images or after?

    It would make sense to prevent unconverted files from being transfered, where they wouldn't be recognised.

    But I have CS5 and I am looking at images which were converted with ACR (in CS5).

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    Re: Auto Transfer from Canon DPP to Adobe Elements?


    As far as I know DPP will only let you transfer to the full version of PS. I have used Elements, 6,7, and now 10 and none could be recognized by DPP for transfer. If you view either Raw or Jpgs in Image Browser (on Macs) or (I think Zoom Browser on PC's) you can edit the jpgs and transfer directly to Elements. Raw files in Image Browser cannot be edited but can be transferred to Elements. All you must do is Register Elements as an Application in the Preferences of Image Browser. You can register more than one application if you like.

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